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"Wonderful book, time and heart went into compiling this book"  ( xxxx1552)    
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"I really enjoyed your book... thank you for sharing it with me. I can tell it was a labor of love!"
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"...Robert Yott has rendered us all a signal service in capturing and communicating that
special institution's history." Kirk House, Author/Historian

"BATH - If you're looking for the perfect holiday gift, Bath resident Robert Yott may have just
the thing." Rob Price, Editor
The Courier
When management at the Bath VA asked me to write the history of the Soldiers' Home I was
honored.   Considered the ONLY true authority on the Bath Soldiers' Home, I have been actively
researching the past of the once proud refuge for our veterans.  
I did my best to present the Bath VA in a positive light but the contrast of the original mission of
why the Soldiers' Home was established and what it has been reduced to today is crystal clear!

Now, the Bath VA has denounced this book.
This book is considered very well written and I have received numerous compliments on it
contents. I am sure you will be happy with it as well!!!
Review by Jennifer Maughan

The book From Soldier’s Home to Medical Center is a historically rich and intriguing look at New York’s Bath Soldier’s
Home. Author Robert Yott takes readers through the conception, birth and life of this American institution that was
initially created to care for wounded Civil War veterans and continues today as a memorial to honor the legacy of all

Written in Yott’s easy conversational style, From Soldier’s Home to Medical Center is such a well-woven tapestry of
documents, quotes, photos and maps that it is hard to decide what to do first—read the text cover to cover or skip
ahead to glace at all the amazing photos included and reproduced with clear and informative captions.

In the decades following the Civil War, it was not uncommon for communities to band together to establish a place for
their wounded and afflicted heroes to reside. Bath was deemed the location for the New York Soldier’s and Sailor’s
Home and quickly became a regional landmark. Through its various scandals, fires and various stages of decline and
renewal, all carefully documented by Yott, the story of how the Bath Soldier’s Home served its community and country
in various capacities is revealed. Anyone interested in a well-researched historical book with the twists and turns
common in grand-scale administration will enjoy this journey.

The historical images presented in the book are extraordinary, and the author reveals how he went to great lengths
to obtain them. From the archived photos and illustrations of various views of the New York Soldier’s and Sailor’s
Home dating as far back as 1877, readers can actually see such splendid features as the original dining hall,
amusement hall, hospital ward and even the barracks. Portraits of key people involved in the Soldier’s Home are
carefully documented and the collection appearing in the back of the book of the Home’s leaders spanning the
centuries is a particularly nice touch.

Although some of the design and layout features seem crowded (page margins, sidebars and extract quotes in
particular), the overall quality and thoughtfulness of the placement of each photo, quote or added feature more than
make up for any claustrophobic feeling in the physical book. In fact, history buffs may get the sense that they are
peeking into an overflowing personal collection of memorabilia and notes on this remarkable building and the
elements that allowed it to exist in all its various forms.

Yott manages to peel back the layers of time to expose the grand history and tradition of the Bath Soldier’s Home. It’s
a must-read that has the ability to divulge the intricacies of providing and caring for veterans and a community’s pride
in this responsibility.